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Founder of Newcastle Hand Painted Kitchens, the home of bespoke interiors, kitchens and bathrooms, tells us what an average day looks like for him.
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Founder of Newcastle Hand Painted Kitchens, the home of bespoke interiors, kitchens and bathrooms, tells us what an average day looks like for him.

I set an alarm for 6:20 am every morning and put the news on the smart speaker whilst I wake up. I enjoy Radio 4 in the morning followed by a bit of sport radio on the way to work to see if the takeover of Newcastle United has happened yet. Spoiler alert. It hasn’t!

Depending on whether I’m caring for my three wonderful children that morning, I shower and eat breakfast in the style of most parents – quickly, whilst simultaneously getting dressed. I also check my social channels for work enquiries.
I probably receive around 50 pieces to deal with a day. Two coffees down and I’m ready to rally the troops around 7am.
Depending on schedules i.e. schools/nursery or during the COVID-19 curve ball, home schooling, I organise the clothes whilst they’re arguing over Peppa Pig, Horrible Histories, or who has the most corn flakes and we leave around 8am.
While the company is based in Newcastle, I work between York, Edinburgh and the north Pennines, with much of my work in rural locations. Long commutes generally bring into play my workshop in Newcastle so I try to undertake half the work there to cut down disruption for clients and truncated days.

Today the kitchen I’m working on is in a lovely period property in County Durham and I’m around two weeks in so far. My clients moved in after a full refurbishment to the property only to be faced with a heartbreakingly bad paint job on
the designer kitchen so I’m making sure this is returned to its former glory. Hand painted kitchens are a booming market and a great way to give an old one a new lease of life. Environmentally, it’s sound too, being less “make
do and mend” more a restoration.

I break for a sandwich and to make and return calls. Not taking calls on site is a policy of mine. Today I’m booking work for around two to three months ahead. My next job after this requires additional subcontractors so I need to firm their
involvement up now. One job needs a few changes to a plan so I use my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to annotate a drawing /photograph/email it off and follow that up with a call. It’s handy.

The project is complete. Even though I use a dust free Festool system which removes 99% of any dust created, I clear any waste or rubbish and vacuum. The kitchen is back in play for my clients and ready for dinner time.

Today, I’m having dinner with my parents and the kids and then it’s home, bath, book and bed for the kids – simpler written, than doing!

Time to start the evening shift. More emails, socials and drawings for current and future works… and a glass of wine, a nice Italian red, ok two. I think I’ve earned it!

I watch a bit of TV to wind down then head to bed to dream of work, things to do with the kids and the week ahead.

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